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Poetry Slam

Access 2002 was the site of the first (we think) Library Tech Poetry Slam. Groups were given a library or technology- related term, and had to incorporate it into a Haiku (although we had a few limericks, too.) The results were so creative we just had to share them. (sorted by term)   

Si muchos datos
Has buscado cosecher
Ve a ACCESS yo!


I hope tomorrow
Access will have me quickly
Harvesting a dream


Harvesting Access
Windsor west to Vancouver
Raining in buckets


Hal says MARC is toast
Index cards are artifacts
XML finds all.


The question I ask:
If one composes a blog
Does anyone care?


We write code at night
We are the technical knights
Disregard copyright


The blue screen of death
IT help line rings off the hook
Now I must debug

Dublin Core

Fast technology
Leaving road kill on the street
Twitching Dublin Core


Metadata is
Reduced to its poor essence
Boring Dublin Core


Guiness, Murphy’s, Harp
Hops is bitter fruit. All
Good from Dublin Core


Open source and free
Re-boot is not required
Linux does it all


Stable as a rock
Bill Gates supports it neither
Open source Linux


Walkerville Blonde. Beer?
Meaning, what? Multiple? Yes!
Beer, Biere, Femme Fatale!


OAI rule, but
SOAP cleans up portal potties.

Open source

Open source reveals
Underlying anarchy
Defy ownership

Open source

“The Source,” she called them.
I mean her long legs, of course.
Open source, my love!


I hear groans and creaks
Shudders and it falls apart.
Next time, must test bed.


Marc my EZproxy terms
Network has crashed again.
Router has XML worms.


Bill, Clifford, Slavko
Bill, Clifford, Slavko

There was a young man named Linus
Who felt Microsoft was a minus
A new system he wrote
To jam down Bill’s throat
So Linux leaves Windows behind us.


Webster's note: I'm positive that there was at least one more limerick, but I don't have in the pile of poetry form the Slackfest-Pubnight. If the perpetrators/poets have a copy, please send it to me, and I'll put it up. Thanks, pat

"A Song of Access" by D. Chudnov

Let's sing a song of Access
'Cuz oh, it ends too soon;
Though wow, Hey, this year, Look! A Hackfest!
And it's right in my room!

My favorite thing about this meeting's
In so many topics we delve.
And though Monday's beer supply was fleeting,
There's more in 2212.

So sing with me a song of Access
Shed no tear from your eye.
Since where else do you find such excess
As goody bags filled with rye?

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