Oct. 21-23, 2002
Cleary International Centre,
Windsor, Ontario

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  Conference Presentations
SATURDAY OCT 19  Preconference Sessions
Introduction to GIS for Libraries
Phillip Graniero,
University of WIndsor
Geospatial & Statistical Data
in GIS Applications
Alice Grgicak-Mannion,
University of WIndsor
Building library applications with Zope
Art Rhyno,
University of WIndsor
Building library applications with mySQL
Steve Sloan,
University of New Brunswick
MONDAY OCT 21  Building Communities in Virtual Space
K-Net: a practical expression of Indigenous community development
Brian Beaton,
K-Net Services

Sharing It All: A Report from the Ontario Digital Library
Mike Ridley,
ODL Catalyst Team

The Library as an Agent of Change and Empowerment
Steve Salmons,
Windsor Public Library

Building Virtual Services: the TPL experience
Kathy Scardellato,
Toronto Public Library
  The Web as a Global Desktop
The Role of XML
Eric Lease Morgan,
Notre Dame University

Web Accessibility & Adaptive Technology
Jennifer Howath &
Shelagh Patterson,
Canadian National Institute
for the Blind

Next Generation Web Meets the Front Lines
Patricia Moore,
University of Windsor

Web Standards: why they matter and how well are libraries following them
Thomas Dowling,
TUESDAY OCT 22   Management in a Time of Change
Keynote: Analog Executives in a Digital World
Hal Berghel,
University of Nevada

The View from the West
Lynn Copeland,
Simon Fraser University &
Mark Leggot,
University of Winnipeg
  eContent & Libraries
DocBook for Documenting It All
Wheaton College

Deconstructing Cataloguing: a Web Services approach to bibliographic control
Thom Hickey,

XML and MARC: a choice or replacement?
Kevin S. Clarke,
Stanford University

Z39.50 for Finding It All
Bill Moen,
University of North Texas

Metadata Gardening: Metadata Aggregation Networks and the MetaScholar Initiative
Martin Halbert,
Emory University
WEDNESDAY OCT 23   Open Source Software & Libraries
OSS: a Real Option in Real Time
Dan Chudnov,
oss4lib curator &
Mark Jordan,
Simon Fraser University

Info Trek: The database, the e-journal, the user...
and Hermes - the fourth passenger
Ana Maria Escalante, Gerardo Coello & Shirley Ainsworth, Instituto de Biotecnologia-UNAM

The Feds & OSS
Glen Newton,

Lessons from HALINET
Walter Lewis,
Halton Hills Public Library
  Are We There Yet?
Shifting Libraries at the Speed of Byte
Jenny Levine,
Suburban Library System

Cliff's Notes
Clifford Lynch,

A SiteSearch Story from the Rockies: a campfire tale ...
Peter Binkley,
University of Alberta &
Steve Gregory,
Colorado Virtual Library

The Information Red Clay Road Revisited
Peter Rukavina,
Reinvented, Inc.

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