Allen, Andrew M.A.
Photo of Professor Andrew AllenFaculty of Education
Mathematics Methodology - Primary/ Junior Education, Introduction to Issues in Education, and Sociological Aspects of Education [Graduate]

Ph.D. Candidate [2003] Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto
B.Ed./ M.Ed. York University
B.Tech. [Mechanical Engineering] Ryerson University

8 papers, 6 chapters, 2 reviews

Research interests:
Anti-racist Education and Educational Equity; Critical Pedagogy; Race, Class and Gender and Issues of Social Difference and Marginalization in Education and Schooling; Urban Education;

Multicultural Children's Literature as a Meaning Making Process for Emergent Readers; Early Writers and the Conflicting Values in Process Writing Pedagogy;

Critical Teacher Education and Negotiating a Critical Teaching Practice. Developing a Teacher Identity and Factors Contributing to and Affecting the Process of Learning to Teach.

Professional highlight(s):
York University 2002 Award Recipient: University-wide Excellence in Teaching Award - Other Faculty category

Personal interests:
- Sports orientated; Tennis, Squash, Basketball, Football, Swimming and Cycling.
- Amateur author, artist / illustrator.
- Aspiring classical pianist.
- Aviation Enthusiast - Private pilot's licence in-training.
- Amateur Photographer.

Favourite travel destination:
Jamaica W.I.

The most important human invention/creation was:
The ball-point pen.

If I could change one thing about the world, it would be:
The power of the mass media

What I like best about teaching is:
Making a difference in other people's lives

Thoughts on the University of Windsor:
City of contrasts

Enjoyed and Recommends:
"Kids are Worth It" by Barbara Collorossa

Favourite and recommended Web Sites:
http://www.luccaco.com/terra/terra.htm and click on English for the Minature Earth

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