Political Science

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Political Science Department
Room 1149,
Chrysler Hall North
Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4
(519) 253 - 3000 ext 2348 or
ext. 2347

MacIvor, Heather
Associate Professor
B.A. (Dalhousie), M.A. (Queen's), M.Sc. (London), Ph.D. (Queens)
Contact Info:
Office: 1141 CHN
Phone: 253-3000 ext: 2364
Email: mcivhea@uwindsor.ca

Dr. MacIvor teaches courses in Canadian Politics, Women and Politics, Classical Political Theory and Political Parties. She has written a textbook on Women and Politics in Canada, a book chapter on party leadership selection, and several articles and conference papers on various aspects of Canadian political parties. Her current research topics include a theory of change in party leadership selection, the cartel theory of party politics, and the rebuilding of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

Research Interests

P The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, electoral systems and other Canadian political institutions, and the history of political thought.


P Parameters of Power

P Canadian Political Parties in the Twenty-First Century

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

MacIvor, H. “Women and the electoral system,” in Women and Electoral Politics in Canada. Manon Tremblay, ed. Toronto, Oxford
University Press, forthcoming.

MacIvor, H. Parameters of Power, 3rd ed. Toronto, Nelson, 2002.

MacIvor, H. “Is Canadian government party government?” in Reinventing Canadian Party Politics. Keith Brownsey, ed. Peterborough, ON, Broadview, 2002.

MacIvor, H. Canadian Political Parties in the Twenty-First Century. Peterborough, ON, Broadview, 2002.

MacIvor, H. “Proportional and semi-proportional electoral systems: Their implications for Canadian politics,” Electoral Insight (Elections Canada), Fall, 1999.