Senate Steering Committee
University of Windsor


There will be a meeting of the Senate Steering Committee
on , Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 3:00pm
Chrysler Hall Tower Room 500


SSCa130925 Combined PDF.pdfSSCa130925 Combined PDF.pdf

1Approval of the Agenda
1.1.Unstarring Agenda Items

2Approval of the minutes of meeting of May 22, 2013

3Business arising from the minutes

4Outstanding Business/Action Items
4.1Program Development Committee
Lionel Walsh-Approval
4.1.1Program Course Changes (Link to PDC Webpage Sept 12/13 & June 10/13)
*a)Biological Sciences – Minor Program Changes
*b)Business (Graduate) – New Course Proposal
*c)Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Minor Program Changes
*d)Discontinuation of Master of Business Administration (Fast-Track Program) and (Co-op) Program
*e)Environmental Science (Minor in Geography – Minor Program Changes
*f)Interfaculty (Bachelor of Forensic Science) – Minor Program Changes
*g)Nursing New Course Proposals
*h)Philosophy New Course Proposals
*i)PhD in Biological Sciences – Minor Program Changes
*j)MA in Social Data Analysis - Minor Program Changes
*k)MA in Philosophy – Minor Program Changes
*l)Environmental Science - Minor in Environmental Science – Minor Program Change
*m)Computer Science - Minor Program Changes
*n)Kinesiology – New Course Proposals and Minor Program Changes
*o)Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology – New Course Proposals & Minor Program Changes

4.2Academic Policy Committee

4.3Senate Student Caucus

4.4Committee Membership
4.4.1Bylaw Review Committee
Alan Wildeman-Approval
To be distributed

4.4.2Senate Representative on the Board of Governors
Alan Wildeman-Approval

5Bylaw Business

6Approval of Senate Agenda

7Question Period/Other Business