Dr. Dragana Martinovic
Faculty of Education

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    Dr. Dragana Martinovic
    401 Sunset Avenue
    Windsor, ON Canada N9B 3P4
    (519) 253-3000 ext. 3962

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    University of Windsor

    Dragana's passion is to improve education opportunities for all; to find ways of using digital technology in unobtrusive, safe, and productive ways, so that it supports overall development of humans for a thoughtful, respectful, and responsible cohabitation with other species in a global environment.

    Dragana's scholarship activities stem from her multi disciplinary academic background in mathematics, computer science, and education. Her work thus targets joint areas of these disciplines with occasional tours into the clear cut regions.

    Current Projects with External Partners:

    1. Digital Literacy and Competency Skills for Future Labour Market (since 2013, with partners from labour, health, academic, and scientific organizations in Ontario and New Brunswick).
    2. Using Video Games to Identify and Improve Cognition (VIIC) (since 2011, within the Human Development Technologies Research Group)
    3. Teachers-as-Researchers (2011-present, with Greater Essex County DSB).
    4. Teachers’ Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics (2011-present, with Dr. Agida Manizade, Radford University)

    Present and Recent Grants:
    1. Developing an Educators’ Community of Practice. 2017-2018 Research Stimulus Fund Grant (RSFG, PI).
    2. The Halbert Centre of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Teachers and Teaching in the Era of Change (Co-PI with Bolotin, M., & Kolikant, Y.)
    3. Math Knowledge Network: Mathematics Leadership Community of Practice (Co-Lead with GECDSB), http://mkn-rcm.ca/math-leadership/
    4. The Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE). Program Evaluation: Improvement-oriented evaluation of a toolkit intended to engage parents in their K-8 children’s mathematics education (PI, 2016).
    5. The Fields Institute General Scientific Activity. Inaugural meeting of the CME (Co-PI with Lovric, M., 2016).
    6. Special Project. Ministry of Education. Partners in practice: Collaborative inquiry for building capacity in research, teaching and evaluation. (PI, 2016)
    7. RSFG. Using collaborative inquiry to build research capacity of Teacher Candidates (PI, 2015)
    8. The Fields Institute General Scientific Activity. The GeoGebra conference (GeoGebra-NA 2014). (Co-PI with Karadag, Z., & McDougall, D., 2014).
    9. SSHRC Connection Grant. Partners in research: Building capacity for 21st century learning with teachers and B.Ed. students (Principal Investigator, 2014).
    10. SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grant. Demand for skills & supply and development of skills for the future Canadian labour market (Principal Investigator, 2013)
    11. Ontario Centres of Excellence: Industry Academia Collaboration Program Technical Problem Solving (TPS). Video games definition to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses (Principal Investigator, 2012)
    12. SSHRC Insight Development Grant. Improving cognitive processing by playing computer games (Principal Investigator, 2012).
    13. SSHRC Public Outreach: Dissemination Grant. Teacher access to and utilization of applied education research (Principal Investigator, 2012).
    14. Ontario Brain Institute and FedDev. Using Video Games to Identify and Improve Cognition in School-Aged Children ( 2012).
    15. Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (Ontario Ministry of Education). Science Quest - An Inquiry Approach (Principal Investigator Mohan, 2012).
    16. The Centred on Learning Innovation Fund (CLIF). Providing Math Assistance Online: Assessment of Student Learning. (Principal Investigator, 2011).
    17. KNAER (2011). Putting Theory into Practice: Finding Paths to Students’ Engagement and Equity (Principal Investigator, 2011).
    18. The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences. The Second North-American GeoGebra Conference, GeoGebra-NA2011, June 17-18, 2011, OISE/UT, Toronto, ON (Principal Investigator, 2011).
    19. Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada - Going Global Innovation. Patient Consent and Privacy Preferences Related to Personal Health Records (Principal Investigator, 2010).
    20. Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Child and Youth Development beyond Age 6 - Transitions to Digitally Literate Adults (Principal Investigator, 2010); The final report became part of a major resource for governments, families, teachers and youth-serving organizations - Stepping Stones: A Resource for Youth Development.
    21. Faculty of Education Research and Development Grant. Training the Trainers: Raising Hopes for Successful Technology Integration among Teachers (Principal Investigator, 2010).
    22. NSF Conference Grant . The First North-American GeoGebra Conference, GeoGebra-NA2010, July 2010, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY.
    23. The Centred on Learning Innovation Fund. Collaborative Technologies as Enhancers of the First Year University Experience (Principal Investigator, 2009).
    24. Faculty of Education Minor Research and Development Grant. Teacher Candidates’ Appropriation of Information and Communication Technologies: Comparing Learning and Teaching Experiences (Principal Investigator, 2008).
    25. Faculty of Education Minor Research and Development Grant. Developing Teacher Candidates’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge through Science and Mathematics Methods Courses (Co-Investigator with Zhou, G., 2008).
    26. SSHRC, International Development Grant. Management of Electronic Information on the Internet: Comparison between Canada and UK (Principal Investigator, 2008).
    27. University of Windsor, IDRET Seed Grant. Needs Assessment for Social Appropriation of ICT Library Use in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Principal Investigator, 2008).
    28. CMS Endowment Grant. Windsor-Essex Mathematics Olympiad (WEMO-Regional Grade 7-8 Math Olympiad) (Co-applicant, 2007).
    29. University of Windsor, Seed grant SSHRC. Management of Electronic Information on the Internet: Comparison between Canada and UK (Principal Investigator, 2007).
    30. Faculty of Education Minor Research and Development Grant. Teacher Candidates' Needs, Expectations of, and Attitudes toward Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Learning and Integration. (Co-investigator with Zhang, Z., 2007).
    31. University of Windsor Women Grant (2006). Preparing Teachers to Become Agents of Change (2006).
    32. Faculty of Education Minor Research and Development Grant. Language and Cultural Engagement: Examining the Identities of Internationally Educated Teachers in Canada (Principal Investigator, 2006).
    33. Canadian Council on Learning. Patterns of Use of E-technology among Ethnic Minority Students: Examining Culture, Identity and Success (Principal Co-Investigator, with Dlamini, S. N., et al., 2006).