Dr. Stephen J. Loeb
Chemistry & Biochemistry

401 Sunset Avenue
Essex Hall
Windsor, ON Canada N9B 3P4
(519) 253-3000 ext. 3529
fax (519) 973-7064

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Stephen J. Loeb
Canada Research Chair
Supramolecular & Inorganic Chemistry

University Professor
Fellow - Royal Society of Chemistry (UK)
Fellow - Chemical Institute of Canada

B.Sc.Hon. (Western Ontario)
Ph.D. (Western Ontario)

E-mail: loeb@uwindsor.ca
Tel: 1-519-253-3000 (ext. 3529)
FAx: 1-519-973-7098
Essex Hall - Room 375-2

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Recent News
August 21st 2009
The website will be slowly overhauled in the near future; sorry for any inconvenience this may occur.

July 27th 2009
Congrats to Laura, Brianna and Nick for terrific 410 projects this year. Laura will be moving onto medical school, Brianna will be going into industry and Nick will be continuing here pursuing a Masters degree. Congrats to all of you!