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26-208 Writing Hypertext (Dr. D. Whetter)

Course Instructor(s):

Dr. Darryl WhetterOffice:
CHN 2116
253-3000 x 2294



    Writing Hypertext (ENGL 208) employs hands-on web authoring and new
    media assignments to provide transferable and lasting abilities in
    rhetoric and aesthetics. Students will acquire various HTML skills
    through self-directed learning and in-class demonstrations. As
    communication remains our primary goal, success in the course will
    depend more on why an element appears on-screen than how.
    Illustrative lectures will be complemented by lab demonstrations.
    Committed attendance will improve your grade.

    2. Texts

    No books are currently required. A current HTML guidebook prove
    invaluable when on-line resources are unavailable; students are
    encouraged to acquire the HTML guidebook of their choice.

    Required readings can be found in a prepared courseware™ booklet OR on
    reserve at the Leddy Library.

    3. Grades

    All assignments must be completed to pass.

    Assignment Date Due  Weight

    Mark a Poem 28 Sept. 5%
    Place Text Here ("each") 5 Oct. 10%
    Framed 19 Oct. 10%
    Colour a Photo 2 Nov. 10%
    Poem/Image 16 Nov. 10%
    I Think I Con 30 Nov. 10%

    Written Site Critiques (2) 12 Oct. 5%
    9 Nov. 5%
    In-Class Exam 12 Nov. 15%
    Final Portfolio TBA 20%

    The Final Portfolio will consist of advanced drafts/versions of the HTML
    assignments above.
    4. Readings

    17 Sept. Bringhurst, Robert. 119-42
    1 Oct.     ———. 98-118
    15 Oct. McLuhan, Marshall. "Roads and Paper Routes." 89-105
    22 Oct. ———. "The Print." 157-63
    29 Oct. Berger, John. "The Moment of Cubism." 133-62
    5 Nov. McLuhan, Marshall. "The Printed Word." 170-78